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Understanding How a SW30-2540 RO Membrane Works

To understand how a boat water maker works, you first have to understand how a RO Membrane works.  This nice YouTube Video animation takes the mystery behind the membrane construction away.   .

Facts About Marine Water Maker RO Membranes

Marine Water Makers have a reputation of being expensive to maintain.  That can be true for water makers that insist on using proprietary consumable parts such as RO Membranes.  However, an off the shelf 40″ long by 2.5″ diameter RO Membrane made by Dow Chemical costs $187 and is the gold standard for quality and… Read more »

Water Maker Prefilters

  We get questions all the time regarding the prefilters on a marine water maker.  What is their function, what micron size works best, can I buy them off the shelf from a place like Home Depot, and can they be washed and reused?   The purpose of the prefilters is to remove as much… Read more »