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With Marine Watermakers: Size Matters

I will be the first to stand up and say that I LOVE my job. Where else would I get to work from the lower salon of my sail boat from whereever I am and talk cruising and watermakers with friends and clients.  But I will also admit that my work schedule is more of… Read more »

Water Maker Hose Run Lengths

    A benefit of a modular sailboat watermaker is that the individual water maker modules can be mounted as far apart or as close together on your boat as space dictates (I’m assuming you don’t have a 300ft Mega Yacht and want to spread the Modules from stern to bow).  A plumbing run of… Read more »

Shipping a Water Maker

  Before you install a water maker aboard your cruising boat, we first have to get it to you in one piece, which is where our custom made shipping boxes some into play.  David and Amy’s 30 gallon per hour water maker made it safely to Texas and you can see some of the unpacking… Read more »

Water Maker Safe TDS Levels

Question: What is the safe Water Maker TDS Levels for drinking water? Answer: 500ppm (parts per million) Now for some details: First, TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids and when dealing with sea water RO, the TDS level is mainly composed of sodium and chloride ions.  A new RO membrane should start producing 100-150PPM water… Read more »

Facts About Marine Water Maker RO Membranes

Marine Water Makers have a reputation of being expensive to maintain.  That can be true for water makers that insist on using proprietary consumable parts such as RO Membranes.  However, an off the shelf 40″ long by 2.5″ diameter RO Membrane made by Dow Chemical costs $187 and is the gold standard for quality and… Read more »

Custom 60GPH Water Maker in Genoa Bay Marina BC Canada

  How large a water maker do you need? For most cruising boats our most popular selling water maker is the 30 gallon per hour unit, but the Genoa Bay Marina in BC Canada needed a larger unit. To save on shipping costs, we sold them the 3 major components (Pump/Motor, Pressure Vessels/Membrane Assembly, and… Read more »

Seattle Boat Show Water Maker Overview

    Seattle Boat Show Water Maker Overview Video   This short water maker overview was filmed while in our booth at the Seattle Boat Show in 2012.   .