Sailboat Watermaker Installation on a Crealock 37

September 5th, 2014

Small Sailboat Watermaker Installation

Hi Righ, here are several photos showing the installation of your water maker on Lagniappe, our Crealock 37.   I was concerned with where I could mount the various components but everything other than the control panel fit nicely in the engine room on the port and starboard bulkheads.

 System works great and served us well last season in the Bahamas. 

 Thanks for your support and guidance during the installation and commissioning. 


 Greg & LizAnn Mulvany

S/V Lagniappe

Crealock 37


Here are some photos of Greg’s installation. First I have to compliment Greg on having such a darn clean and nicely laid out aft engine compartment.  I’m sure it was fun to hold the motor up on the bulkhead for mounting, but what a great job of using “wasted space” to mount gear.  The installation highlights that you can mount the motor on a vertical bulkhead by rotating the pump on the motor 90-degs.

watermaker high pressure pump


From thhis angle you can really see how every inch of space was used for the water maker.

Watermaker on a small sailboat


Greg mounted the remote panel in the lazarette and this photo shows his 1/4″ red sample hose that is used to test the product water quality before sending the water to the tank.  If you look closely, you can see the white float in the flowmeter and the PSI pressure gauge is set to 800psi, so the unit is running.

water maker lazarette panel location


It may seem obvious when you see it, but I like this photo because it shows Greg using his product water sample line to easily refill his on-deck water jugs.   Our Hudson Force 50 carries 450 gallons of water, but we still keep a 5 gallon water jug on deck for emergencies or to share with our friends that don’t have a watermaker!

Marine watermaker filling a sailboat water jug





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2 Comments on “Sailboat Watermaker Installation on a Crealock 37”

  1. 1 Kevin said at 6:42 pm on September 5th, 2014:

    Hey Rich,
    I have heard that you can’t put a water maker in an engine room but this one looks like it is, so can you clarify for me? I have a dock neighbor that has had one of your water makers now for 3 seasons and his only problem is he won’t shut up about how much he loves it!


    Kevin Vill

  2. 2 cruisero said at 3:47 am on October 23rd, 2014:

    Hey Kevin, well that is a problem I love to hear about! I have my SM30 water maker mounted in the engine room of my Hudson Force 50. As long as the temperature of the RO Membranes does not go above 120-degs F during operation or 140-degs F when not in use, you will be ok with an engine room mounting location.


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