Converting a Spectra to a Cruiser RO Water Maker

July 9th, 2014

After years of operating their Spectra DC water maker, Tom contacted Cruise RO Water Makers to talk about converting their Spectra water maker our concept of a “Keep it simple” high output AC 120V unit.

Dear Rich,
We replaced the membranes supplied by you in November 2013 in our Spectra Newport 700. We are now considering replacing the unit with one of yours and I was hoping to use some of the Spectra parts that we already have. We have the seastrainer, 50,20,5 micron filters, FWF filter, pressure vessels ( 2 @ 40″ ) and membranes. I believe we would need the boost pump, high pressure pump and motor and the control panel. Could you provide us with a price to make this conversion and any comments you may have.
Thank you,

Tom’s project highlights the truth that all marine water makers operate on the same principal of delivering a flow of high pressure sea water to a Reverse Osmosis membrane.  The sea water first needs to be prefiltered to remove solids before sending it onto the high pressure pump.  Our water makers use an industry standard stainless steel piston pump to generate the pressure while a unit like Spectra uses a proprietary energy recovery Clark pump.  We control our water maker with manual valves while a unit like Spectra uses electronic controls.  When you strip things down to basics all marine water makers operate on the same basic design criteria but have different approaches to put the principals into practice.

Being a cruiser owned company where the owners and designers answer the phone calls and emails, it is common for us to integrate our parts and “KISS” design concept into other manufacturer’s parts and systems.

As a growing number cruisers are coming to the realization that they need to run their generators to keep up with the power demands of their low output 12/24v DC water makers many are deciding to upgrade their water maker.  As an example, if your 12/24v DC water maker uses a single 40″ RO membrane an upgrade could turn your low output unit in a 20 Gallon per Hour water maker or if like Tom you have two 40″ RO membranes you can have a 30 gallon per hour water maker!

Dear Rich,
With your help we finished the conversion our Spectra Newport 700 water maker on our 48 Krogen to your unit.  We did not use anything electronic since we wanted to use your approach to simplicity. As you can see by the photos the system is simple and easy to service. We are looking forward to many years of trouble free service.

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