High Outpot Water Makers Model Differences

Our 20, 30, and 40 gallon per hour water makers all have the basic design and layout in common. Understanding the differences between the models can help you pick one right for your boat.


Water Maker RO Membranes

RO Membranes are the heart of your boat’s water maker, so the more you know and understand about them, the better you will be able to select the best water maker for you boat or take care of the water maker you already have aboard!


The Importance of a High Output Water Maker Boost Pump

A common question I get by email is about the boost pump.  Do I need one?  What does it do?  Why is yours standard with the water maker and others offer it as an option? What if I mount everything below the water line, do I need one then?  The question are common enough that I thought a video addressing the issue would be useful.  So on a rainy December day while on the Morro Bay, CA mooring ball I pulled out my video camera and started talking about the topic.

Powering the 20 and 30GPH Water Maker using the Honda 2000 Generator




Why Do Boat Owners Need Water Makers?

Water Makers

Boat owners need water makers because people on the boat need clean drinking water. Indeed, fresh water is not only good for drinking, but also for cooking and cleaning purposes.


Depending on the size of the boat, number of people aboard, and amount of time the boat will be out cruising on the water, away from land, a marine water maker can be an invaluable way to add drinking water to your water tanks at the flip of a switch.


Water makers cleverly use a process called “reverse osmosis” to make water. Water makers use high-pressure, pump-driven reverse osmosis systems to desalinate water, converting sea water and/or brackish water to ready-to-drink water fit for human consumption.


Humans on boats for extended periods of time couldn’t survive drinking sea water, which has too much salt in it to be of any good to the human body.


Water makers, therefore, are often essential systems used on yachts, sailboats and other vessels operating in brackish and/or sea water environments.


Cruise RO Water and Power understands the challenges of powering a large capacity water maker aboard a boat. That’s why Cruise RO came up with the smart idea of designing SeaMaker 20 and 30 gallon per hour water makers to operate on the power produced by the Honda EU2000i generator. Affordable for all, Cruise RO’s water makers can make 100-150 gallons of water using a single gallon of gas. And that means good stuff: daily showers for the crew (thankfully!), fresh water deck and gear wash-downs while at anchor, and, of course, plenty of clean water to drink.


Call Cruise RO Water and Power today at 619-609-3432 to ask about various water maker options.



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Understanding How a SW30-2540 RO Membrane Works

To understand how a boat water maker works, you first have to understand how a RO Membrane works.  This nice YouTube Video animation takes the mystery behind the membrane construction away.



Can I Run a Marine Water Maker in Fresh or Brackish Water?

Cruisers are not always floating in just sea water.

Sometimes they are in fresh water lakes, rivers or brackish waters but they still want and need water.  If you understand the process and limitations, then you can run your water maker in sea water, fresh water or brackish water.



Where Can I Run my Cruising Water Maker?

The short answer is if you you would swim in the water, then you can run your water maker there.

For a little more details, I put together this YouTube video on where you can and shouldn’t run your cruising boat water maker.


Tartan 37 Water Maker Installation

When I heard one of our water maker clients was making a stop over in Morro Bay, of course we had to have some cockpit drinks with them and snap a few photos of their SeaMaker 30 water maker installation.  I have to admit that Lewis on SV Eleutheria did an installation job that puts some professional boat yard installations to shame.  The happy crew is on their way to Mexico and their great use of space on their 37ft boat allowed them to install a 30 gallon per hour water maker without giving up much storage space.  They will be powering their water maker using the trusty Honda UE2000i generator and at $900 with free shipping over the internet  for the Honda, I wouldn’t want to go cruising without one!

Here’s a shot of the beautiful cruise ready boat on a Morro Bay mooring ball.


Where do put the control panel?  How about making use of some wasted space behind the campanion way ladder?

Small boat watermaker installation Tartan 37


The 5 and 20 micron prefilters and Valving and Cleaning assembly are both mounted on the starboard cockpit locker forward bulkhead.

Sailboat watermaker prefilters mounting location



The High Pressure pump and motor are mounted on a shelf in the starboard cockpit locker and you can see the RO Pressure Vessels mounted up high in the cockpit coaming.

Sailboat watermaker high pressure pump mounting location

A favorite mounting location of mine for the RO Pressure Vessels is tucked up in the cockpit coaming.  It’s typically wasted space so you don’t lose valuable storage space.  Notice how nicely Keith tabbed the fiberglass mounting feet of the pressure vessels right to the hull.  Nice and clean installation.

Sailboat water maker pressure vessels




Water Maker Installation and a Dedicated Through Hull

A common question about water maker installations is if you need a dedicated through hull.