Merry Christmas from Cruise RO Water Makers

Winner of a "Major Award"

SV THIRD DAY all decked out in Morro Bay, CA

It’s hard to believe that this is our 7th Christmas aboard a boat!  The memories of spending Christmas on a beach with with our friends in Mexico certainly has to rank among our top memories of cruising Mexico.  This year with a Morro Bay, California 70-deg Christmas, it’s certainly nothing to complain about while sitting with the boat opened up in shorts and T-shirts.  But as a concession, we do have to run the diesel heater at night since our time in Mexico has made us all total wimps when it comes to tolerating the cold.

Where ever you are this Christmas season, the crew from Cruise RO Water and SV THIRD DAY wish you a Merry Christmas.

God Bless


Cruiser Call to Action: Florida Anchoring Survey

If you are a cruiser, know a cruiser, like a cruiser or one day dream of cruising on a boat in the United States, then the topic of Anchoring Rights should be important to you.  Local city governments are passing more and more restrictive limits on prime anchorages and once gone, getting anchoring rights back is all but impossible.  So please take a moment to complete the Florida Anchoring Survey

Link to Florida Anchoring Survey



Seven Seas Cruising Association Melbourne, FL GAM

While at the Seven Seas Cruising Association in Melbourne, Florida I had the privilege of meeting Sherry, who was picking up here 20 gallon per hour water maker to install it herself!